Day 54

Hello world!

Today was a sad day… I made it 53 days, but then down went Frazier (kinda).

My group started the day cruisin along just doin our thing and at mile 9-10, my back wheel did something funky. Pop goes the weasel and ya girl got her first official flat of the ride. My tubeless tires failed me for the first time.

Normally when I get a flat, I spin my tire and the sealant inside the tire will self repair the flat. This time that didn’t happen and turns out it was because I had no sealant left in the tire!

I sagged for the first time today (honestly surprised it’s taken me this long), but was able to make it to a bike shop and they fixed my tire in minutes!

We’re all good to go now… I think.

The rest of the team faced a tough headwinds and a long 97 mile day, so I feel badly that I wasn’t fighting it with them. But hey, sometimes ya just need to be a cheerleader on the sidelines and motivate everyone, so that’s what I tried to do.

We’ve got 76 miles today and will be passing a lot of Idaho potato farms! Good stuff.

Happy trails.


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