Day 53: Burning up in Logan

Today the team rode 89 miles from Salt Lake City to Logan, Utah. The day started out nice because we were on trails for a good 40 miles! We made our first pit stop at a gas station where Helen met a man who was a cancer survivor and got to conduct a portrait with him. We also made another stop at a fruit stand. We have all been craving healthy and natural food as our diet consists mostly of gas station food. It was so nice to snack on watermelon and berries on such a hot day. The temps got upward of 98 degrees with a substantial climb around mile 70 of about 6 miles. It was brutal! Once we made it to the top there was a sweet downhill waiting for us with incredible views of the valley and mountains. I’ll miss the Mountain View’s in Utah. Tomorrow we will be heading to Idaho.

I would like to thank Alpine Church for hosting us tonight and providing us with a spaghetti dinner. Today’s ride was dedicated to Kathy’s uncle, John Geary who passed away 7 years ago from esophageal cancer.


Flat count: 4
Song of the day: September -Earth,Wind &Fire
Memorable moment: The team piling into the van to make 3 stops at Chick-Fil-a, Krispy Kreme and an ice cream shop so we could all get our desired rewards after a long day!

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