Day 53

Hello world!

Today was a long but good day. We rode 89 miles from Salt Lake City to Logan, UT. We got a late start to the day so we ended up finishing around 6:15 instead of earlier. We also had a 1,500 foot climb toward the end of the ride/the hottest part of the day but you know, ya win some ya lose some.

The climb was about 8 miles long, so it was a grind but the downhill was well worth it. The views were awesomeeeeee! As we were flying down, I spotted a golf course right up against the mountains. I’d love to come back to Utah and play that course because it looked so pretty :)

I tied my record speed going downhill today at 42 mph. Getting closer and closer to 59 hehehe

Also today we were spoiled with a bike path and if it’s a bike path day, you know you’re gunna have a good day.

Oh and my best friend is back and better than ever…. heat rash!!!! Missed my ol pal, he just couldn’t stay away. Hopefully it’ll be gone by tomorrow morn, but one can only wish ya know.

Okay gtg I’m hungry and need food!


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