Day 51 and 52

Hello world!

The 53 miles into Salt Lake on Sunday took a little longer than normal. There were a couple big climbs that were a struggle but we got through them.

The first big climb was a disappointment because we didn’t even get to do thendownhill :( there was construction on the downhill and they strictly said “no bikes”, so we had to shuttle down which took a v long time.

Anyway… when we got to the stayover, we all showered and ate dinner but didn’t do much else. I passed out at 8:30 because I was so exhausted and didn’t even realize.

Yesterday marked rest day number 8 and it was very chill. Salt Lake is a cool place and all but we didn’t really do anything too extravagent. We were treated to a team lunch at an Asian restaurant, thanks to Hitarth’s extremely generous parents!! It was divine.

We paid a visit to downtown Salt Lake, seeing the Capitol and doing some shopping downtown. Salt Lake was more of a rest day for the body rather than anything else.

I look forward to rest days in Boise, ID and Bend, OR for some white water rafting and a biiiiig home.

Utah has been rad so far but we’re almost outta here.



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