Day 50: No go to Provo

Today the team rode 0 miles from Duchesne to Provo, Colorado. It just so happens that a forest fire broke out on the route that was planned today. Smoke still covered much of the area and it was discouraged to not stop at all on the road so it was decided that we would shuttle the entire 98 mile ride for safety. This morning we piled in the van and drove two hours to the stay over. All 20 of us were able to situate ourselves in a somewhat organized fashion in the van haha. The views were unreal on the ride. Seeing the mountains filled with smoke and debris was unreal. The fire had burned down so much of the greenery. The canyons and mountains going into Provo were also incredible. Utah is shaping up to be my favorite state because it has so much diversity in terms of terrain. One minute you’re in an Arizona desert and the next you are in lush green mountains full of pine trees. The views were so great that a few team members decided to go back and ride the last few miles that were safe to ride through. Others of us spent our day doing laundry, resting, and checking out Provo. One group even got gigantic cookies!

Thank you to Cross Point Church for hosting our team this evening. Thank you also to Cougar Pizza and Nicolitalia for donating pizza to the team! It was much appreciated.


Flat count: N/A
Song of the day: Wildfire -John Mayer
Memorable Moment: Shuttle Fest 2018 ( a meme started by the team) actually happened. Shuttling 98 miles will go down as memorable

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