Day 50

Hello world!

Shuttlefest 2K18 was a success! We packed all 20 of us into the Silver Bullet and made the drive to Provo, UT. We looked like a circus act clown car with so many people in a van but we made it work and we’re all alive and breathin so that’s somethin to celebrate!

Once we got to Provo, there was a group run to Chic Fil A… a much needed reunion with that establishment! I’ve beem craving fries and a milkshake for FOR-EH-VER now so I finally got my fix :)

A few of us decided that our unanticipated rest day was overrated, so we decided to drive up to the prettiest part of the bike ride that we would’ve ridden today. We ended up doing 22 ish miles to bring us back into Provo.

Although there were a couple tough hills and the wind was a tricky one, it was well worth it. After biking through the mountains and along the lake, I’ve gotta say… today was the prettiest ride out of all 50 days so far. We made a pit stop at the lake to take a dip and test the waters. It was lovely, especially because it was a balmy 95 degrees.

Utah is a beautiful state and I can’t wait for our rest day coming up in Salt Lake!! Tomorrow we’ve got 53 ish miles lined up that will bring us into Salt Lake City, UT. I hope to catch a nice hike out there but we’ll see how the cookie crumbles!

Speaking of cookies… if you ever find yourself in Provo, UT, hit up Chip. It’s a cookie joint that is off the chaaaaain! Crazy good chocolate chip cookie. I don’t think your classic chocolate chip cookie will ever beat that and that’s facts. 10/10 recommend.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight.



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