Day 49

Hello world!

Today has been an adventure! It was a struggle to get going today. I think the 3000 ish miles we’ve biked so far are starting to catch up to me. It’s cool though we keep chuggin along.

At mile 14 we saw a group pulled off on the side of the road climbing on the gorgeous rock figures of Utah, so my group decided to stop too! The first group went up to the first ridge, but I said to heck with it and I wanted to go up to the top just to see what was up there.

After a steep climb up to the top of the mountain, the views were a w e s o m e. Everyone decided to join so eventually majority of both groups made it up to the top and we all felt like a million bucks togetha.

We forged on and finished the 60 miles (at lunch we were able to catch some of the Belgium vs Brazil FIFA game) and would up at our campsite in Duchesne, UT.

It’s a pretty cool place! Camping on the sand with a lake right in front of us… divine. Unfortunately, there is a 49,000 acre wildfire that’s around us. The smoke is setting in and visibility has slowly declined :(

Due to the fire, Route 40 is closed which means shuttlefest 2K18 tomorrow!!!! We are supposed to ride 98 miles into Provo, UT and the reroute is 130 miles, so lord knows I ain’t doin that.

Cheers to the unexpected rest day tomorrow.

Stay frosty fellas.


P.S. I dedicated the ride to one of my dad’s work friends, Deb Herman, who is currently battling breast cancer. We’re rooting and praying for you Deb!!

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