Day 48: 90 in 90 degrees to Vernal

Today the team rode 90 miles from Maybell, Colorado to Vernal, Utah!! We crossed the beautiful state line over into Utah toward the end of our route. It was the best one yet with the blue mountains in the background and the dinosaur on the sign. Utah is very proud of the dinosaurs that used to roam what is now a desert with mountains. We even crossed through a town called Dinosaur for lunch! We made a quick pit stop at dinosaur national park to find out why the people of Utah are so hyped about their dinosaurs! We also found a cute cafe to eat at for those of us who can no longer stand to look at a Pb&J haha. The ride was tough today with 90 degree weather, a decent headwind and a good amount of hills. It paid off as being one of the best ride for views and picture opportunities!!

I would like to thank St.Paul’s Church for being our hosts and to Dominos pizza for providing delicious pizza after a long day. The ride dedication today was for Jim’s wife who passed away from cancer. Jim is a man a group met a few days ago and conducted a portrait with.


Flat count: 9 ( our new record)
Song of the day: Staying alive
Memorable moment: Hanging out with the whole team in Dinosaur for lunch, which went on for way too long haha… but we had a great time!

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