Day 47 and 48

Hello world!

Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday. We were camping in Maybell, CO and had approximately no service so I wasn’t in contact with anyone.

We were gifted with a nice, easy ride into Maybell that was essentially all down hill. Unfortunately camping wasn’t the greatest last night. We had a depressing 4th of July because Colorado is very dry and we weren’t allowed any fireworks, sparklers, bonfires, etc.

The most exciting thing about our 4th of July was running through the sprinklers and walking to watch the sunset.

Today was a doozie of a ride. We biked through the desert the entire day and didn’t really have any way to escape the heat. It took a long long time to finish 90 miles today, but nonetheless we did it. My group changed a lot throughout the day because we lost a couple soldiers along the way due to the heat/breathing/etc.

No worries we’re all fine everything’s fine and we’re thriving !!!

We crossed into Utah today and I dig it so far!! It reminds me a lot of Sedona, Arizona and it makes me happy :)

We have camping on the sched for tomorrow night, round 3!



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  • Joyce Stout says:

    This is Joyce from your Grants Pass OR church. We are looking forward to hosting you . . . I have one question: What time do you normally leave each morning?
    Happy Trails!

  • Maggie Piazzi Maggie Piazzi says:

    We try to leave at 7:00/7:15 each morning!

  • David korus says:

    Way to go Idaho I mean Utah. That’s a your dad joke. Finally got around to donating. Finish strong.

  • Maggie Piazzi Maggie Piazzi says:

    Haha thanks so much Mr. Korus!! It means more than you know!

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