Day 43: Climbing into Idaho Springs

Today the team rode 44 miles from Denver to Idaho Springs, Colorado! We finally are in the mountains, after climbing almost all day. No matter how difficult it was to bike…or crawl up the mountain the views made it absolutely incredible. It is great to be out of the plains and onto new and more exciting scenery. We climbed for 8 miles straight today, which may not seem like much but the winding roads were a challenge that the rolling hills of the Midwest could not prepare us for! Although we only biked 44 miles the ride was action packed with thrilling downhills, and views of whitewater rafters! We even helped out a cyclist who was competing in a race. We were his pit crew and helped pump up his tire! Once in Idaho sprig we enjoyed checking out the cute shops the town has to offer

I would like to thank our host tonight, United Church of Idaho Springs. They provided us with a delicious taco bar and we are extremely grateful! The ride dedication today was for Sofie’s friend Ariel’s dad who is currently battling brain cancer.


Flat count: 0
Song of the day: The Climb -Miley Cyrus
Memorable moment: Finally reaching the highest point in the day and realizing how high up we climbed.. and also that the rest was downhill hehe

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