Day 41 and 42

Hello world!

We out here in Denver, CO livin it up! Arrival to the city was a little hairy. We faced a 97 mile day, but by mile 60 we had to call it quits because it was too toasty out there. Biking with strong winds and 108 degree heat index… I’d rather not.

A nice lady was kind enough to open her garage to the team so we were able to seek out some shade. She also had 2 Rottweilers that were adorbs. They really helped pass the time while we waited for shuttlefest 2k18.

The night going into Denver, 8 of us went to a Chromeo concert (Canadian based techno/funk/dance music) at the one and only Red Rocks Amphitheater!!! The concert was boat loads of fun and the venue is absolutely gorgeous.

Today we had a rider event at the headquarters of Primal, the company that designed our jerseys. They showed us around the office and gee, I love it there!! The workers are all so relaxed and chill, and the work environment is right up my alley and the aesthetic is on point! After a little tour of the place, they fed us burgers and brats, and we played some human fooseball soccer which was a blast.

My favorite thing there was a quote I found on a wall that said, “We worship at the temple of raw, wild fun. That sacred place where time stands still or stretches into infinity.” I thought this quote was awesome and resonated very well with this incredible trip that were on.

Tomorrow we take on some serious wild fun. We have 45 miles with 4000+ feet of climbing. I’m a little terrified for going uphill for so long but it should be fun.

Happy Friday, y’all.


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