Day 36

Hello world!

Day 36 has come to a close! Today’s route was pretty scenic for the first 40 miles, but the last 20 were what we thought Nebraska would look like throughout the whole state… flat and ugly.

My group today took it nice and slow, stopping at a cool spot called the “Parade of Flags” as well as an antique shop in the small town of Steward, Nebraska. I even got a free Webkinz (those once overpriced stuffed animals that you paid 25+ dollars just to play the video game online) so that was somethin!!

PSA – the Tiger Webkinz still remains nameless, so hit my line if ya have any good ideas.

We got back around 2:00 so we had a lot of time to relax. There was even a van decorating party! Shoutout to Kathy, Caroline and Alex for making it look rad.

83 miles awaits us tomorrow as we head from York to Kearney, NE.

Say a prayer that the wind will take a chill pill for days to come.

That’s all I got for tonight.

Sweet dreams.


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