Day 35

Hello world!

Today was chill vibes. We arrived safely in Lincoln Nebraska before 3:00 as we only had 63 miles today. It was a nice way to ease back into riding after the rest day.

We rode on a trail for most of the day which was nice. Only downfall of it was the mud and density of the trail from all the rain. It felt like we were biking in quicksand and weren’t able to move forward :(

Despite that, the trail was very pretty! Nebraska is surprisingly hilly and the greenery out here is on point. Another state reminding me of the rolling hills and farmland of the motherland, Ireland.

We had the party bumpin at the stayover tonight! Pool, air hockey, ping pong, fooseball, hacks sack, and my favorite… dancinggggg!

10/10 would recommend First Free Church.

As the Irish would put it, it’s good craic!


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