Day 34

Hello world!

Today was a very mellow day which was much needed. Woke up around 10:00 and the group I stayed with made a quality b-fast… eggs, bagels, apples, orange juice, leftover guac… what more could a gal asked for??

We had a field trip to Target where I was able to buy replacement shades for mine that were all scratched up… woot.

We met some of our other teammates downtown for lunch and walked around, popping into some cute antique and vintage shops. I really dig the Omaha vibe. Not what you’d expect here! I wouldn’t mind coming back again for a visit in the future!

The night ended with dinner at one of the host’s houses followed by a very entertaining game of Scategories back at Deb and Jerry’s. I always forget how fun that game is, even though I’m very bad and get VERY creative with my answers… whoops!

Tomorrow we’ll be back in the saddle again, cruisin over to Lincoln, NE. Only 60 something miles. Call it a treat!



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