Day 33

Hello world!

Another day, another century ride, another border crossed! The team has finally made it to Omaha, Nebraska.

Looking at the weather radar yesterday morning, everyone kind of had the mentality that we were going to shuttle the 104.5 miles. Luckily (or not so luckily) the bad storms held off and we were able to bike the entire way, even though the rain was harsh at some points. We faced a lot of hills and 4800 feet of climbing but it was well worth it. I even beat my record speed by 1 mph, so now we’re at 38.7 :)

Today marks our 5th rest day of the trip. No big plans for the day but I’m excited to not sit on a bike seat!!

The stayover sitch is a little different this time ‘round. The team is split up between 7 different houses. Each house has 2-6 riders.

Deb and Jerry are hosting me, Aaron, Caroline, and Liz. They are awesome! We had nice home cooked meal with beef, pasta salad, awesome dessert, and… GUAC!!! Mi favorito :)

I’ll be posting tonight after the festivities of today, so check back later tonight!

L8er G8er.


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