Day 32

Hello world!

This is Liz, in for Maggie today! She’s letting me guest blog for Day 32 since it was a good one for me today!

Today we were going a nice 61 miles from Fort Dodge into Carroll, Iowa. We started the day off a little late today because of the weather, so we took a long breakfast this morning at our stayover. Once the rain let up a little, we were able to start off right around 8:30 AM. Unfortunately, I had a little bit of a stomach bug at first in the morning so I spent the first half in the van. We got some good tunes going though so it ended up being a pretty good time! I rode the last bit into Carroll through some headwinds but with some nice views of the countryside. 

This ride was important for me because my dad is from a small town about 15 miles outside of Carroll, so it was great to come through here. I dedicated the ride today to a family member who has battled with breast cancer twice in the past. I went with a few friends out to my dad’s old town (Westside, Iowa- population 305!) and got to look around a bit. It was pretty neat getting to talk to some people who knew my grandparents even though they haven’t lived there for almost 20 years! Might be a little biased, but Iowa has definitely been one of my favorites so far. People have been so nice to us here! Sad to be leaving tomorrow. 

Signing off!


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