Day 31

Hello world!

Today was easy peasy lemon squeezey!

We had the wind on our side for majority of the day so that was a nice change of pace (literally and figuratively). By mile 70/91, storms were a brewin… 60 mile per hour winds and heavy rain meant the team was shuttling the rest of the way to Fort Dodge, IA.

After lunch, one of the riders realized that they left something at the lunch rest stop in Kanawha, IA. Luckily a kind citizen from the town Facebook messaged I4K and notified us that the Police Chief would hold onto it. After dinner, four of us went on an hour long field trip to Kanawha to pick it up we were successful!

BIG shoutout to Police Chief Tony for being a homie and being patient as we scurried our way to Kanawha in the pouring rain!! We are very very grateful. You were a lot of help to some Illini bikers passing through.

PS – We may or may not have killed a bird that flew into the Silver Bullet’s windshield on our adventure back to the town of Kanawha.

Rest In Peace birdy, Rest In Peace.


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