Day 27

Hello world!

What. A. Day. Today’s agenda was biking from Reedsburg to La Crosse, WI. A whopping 83 miles.

The ride was very enjoyable today. My group had good vibes all around and the best part was we were on trail all day (aka no cars to deal with!!)

We were feelin some oldies today so we listened to the playlist I made for my parents called “Here’s to you, mom and dad”. I think it really helped lighten the mood and it was perfect for the trails today.

One super cool part about the ride was the tunnels we got to walk through. They were so big and dark and had rain falling from the rock of the tunnel. Very spooky but very artsy views.

Riding the Elroy Sparta path brought me back to the bike trip I did with my family and our family friends the Skurski’s. I told a couple funny stories from that trip… such good mems.

Today wraps up our last night in Wisco. Tomorrow we will officially be in Rochester, Minnesota andddd we get a rest day!! Wisconsin will be very missed. I can’t wait to be back in this beautiful, underrated state.

Side note: my group today realized that Vienna by a Billy Joel should be our team theme song because a lot of people on the team are zoomin way too fast and I’m afraid they aren’t taking in the entire cross country bike experience…

Last time I checked, San Fran ain’t movin!! Don’t fret though, we will hopefully get them to pump the breaks !

Bye for now :)


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