Day 26

Hello world!

Today was a wonderful day! For starters, we only had to ride 61 miles today with a few steep climbs but that was it. Second, we pre-planned our lunch rest stop at Devils Lake which was so so pretty. A little lake action, a little beach/nap action, a little exploration action… just what the doctor ordered.

When we were about 2 miles out from the stayover, we stumbled upon a Culver’s which was a must needed treat. After we wrapped up there, we biked about a quarter mile and Nick spotted a bi-plane about to take off, so of course we stopped to watch.

Just as we were about to head on our merry way, we got a message from our good friend Liz saying that there were free tacos at Taco Bell (which we were right next to at the time). You are crazy if you thought any I4Ker turned down free food, so naturally we ventured to the Taco Bell for a taco.

After our mini fast food thanksgiving (thought of you bro @John) we eventually made it to the stayover.

One of the last songs we were boppin to on the ride was Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. Not entirely sure why, but it inspired my signing off for today.

On that note… Save a horse, ride a bike.


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