Day 26: Rolling to Reedsburg

Today the team rode 61 miles from Madison to Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The day was shorter but with lots of hills. It was sunny with strong winds in the morning, which made it difficult to go more than 12 mph. With a slow start to the day the team as whole had a more casual and relaxed day. We had our lunch stop at Devils Lake, where some of us took a dip in the lake to cool off. It was so gorgeous and one of my favorite places so far on route. After two hours at the lake we reluctantly got back on our bikes to finish the last 20 miles. We all enjoyed our time at the lake so much we didn’t want to leave! The climbs in and out of Devils Lake were long and winding but we made it out alive!!! We ended the day with Culver’s like a true Wisconsioner and free tacos from Taco Bell! All in all a successful day :)

I would like to thank St. John’s Lutheran Church for hosting us for the night and providing us with delicious Lasagna! The ride dedication for today was for Nick’s grandparents who passed away from lung cancer.
Tomorrow we head west to La Crosse Wisconsin for more cheese and more fun!

Flat Count: 4
Song of the day: Running with the devil – Van Halen
Memorable moment: Our team for the day was feeling the burn the last 5 miles, we saw a Culver’s and knew it was the mooove (one of our teams sayings). We pulled in to see two other groups also stopped there. It was indeed confirmed as the mooove hehe

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