Day 25 – update

Hello world!

Today was an adventure. Within the first mile, we passed the lakefront area where my cousin Katha had her wedding reception so I was reminiscing and thinking about the good times at Chrystal weddings :)

The ride today was unexpectedly hilly, but you know us and we just chug right along! Made it the whole 76 miles. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. My favorite part of the ride today was when my group went to the skate park! We were going over some cool ramps and feelin like a rebel. Don’t worry though, I kept my wheels glued to the ground so no broken bones !

One of the best parts about today was meeting and learning about our host for dinner. Previous ride leader, Zach, started working for ETC (Electronic Theater Control) and they had offered to donate dinner to us. The 20+ of us crammed into the van and headed to the office.

Not only was the food club, but the company…. now that’s an office I’d work at! It had a whole plaza painted on the walls, basically looked like a movie set!

With a little bit of networking, who knows… I might be moving to Madison after college!

Right before leaving, a small group of us did a portrait with Fred Foster, CEO of ETC. He was diagnosed with stage 4 esophogial cancer. He was projected to live a matter of months, but he’s now 3 years out.

After listening to Fred’s story and trying to understand how difficult fighting cancer really is, you won’t know what it’s like or what it takes to overcome it until you’re fighting yourself.

Whether it’s fighting cancer, biking across the country, or facing your own personal struggles, just know that you can get through it. I suggest we all take the wise theater words to heart that Fred reminded me of today…

The show must go on.


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