Day 24: Helllloooo Wisconsin

Today the team rode 95 miles from Chicago, Illinois to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The day started off a little hectic but it was fun to start in the heart of the city! At Millenium Park, the team took the opportunity to take photos since we weren’t able to the other day. We ended up rolling out a little later than expected but it was really cool to ride up along the lakefront. A thick fog and a light mist made it difficult to see at times but we made it through the busy city and onto smooth trails. It was really strange to ride through some of our hometowns on the way to Lake Geneva. We did enjoy the familiarities along the way as it made the sometimes confusing cues easier. We know this is the last bit of familiarity we will get. We all really enjoyed the trail rides too, which gave us the ability to talk and not have to worry about cars.

I would like to thank Lake Geneva Youth Camp for hosting our team today and providing us with good food and beds! It really feels like summer camp because we are all sleeping in bunk beds tonight.

The ride dedication today was for Aaron’s mom who had breast cancer. He wanted to dedicate it to her when we rolled into Chicago because it was her birthday but the weather didn’t allow this to happen so he made up for it today!

After a long day of riding, the team is excited to rest up and take on Madison, WI tomorrow.

Flat count: 1
Song of the day: Toes – Zac Brown Band
Memorable moment: Finding a delicious ice cream stand to stop at just outside Lake Geneva. With only 20 miles left this was exactly what we needed as a pick me up!

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