Day 22: Sweet Home Chicago

Today the team sadly rode 0 miles due to inclement weather. With thunderstorms in our paths again, we unfortunately had to call off our ride into Millenium Park and the picnic to follow. This was a sad change of events for the team but fear not we will still be taking advantage of picture opportunities on Monday at the bean.
I would like to thank Matthew’s parents for allowing the team to stick around this morning as we sorted out plans and had our parents pick us up from Elmhurst.
Although the day didn’t go as planned we were still able to be greeted by friends and family. We are looking forward to a few days of rest before we hit the state known for cheese!

Flat count: 0
Song of day: Sweet Home Chicago
Memorable moment: Sadly today was Justin’s last day before he begins working in “the real world”. We will all miss him. His quirkiness and positivity was a great asset to the team!

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