Day 21

Hello world!

Day 21… more like day twenty-fun am I right?!?

Today was an adventure, mostly not on bikes haha! We started our ride and within 7 miles we saw lightning and heard thunder so we pulled off the road and hung out at the park.

Following safety procedures, we played on the playground (lava monster of course), had shoe flinging contests, and made a music video to the six flags theme song (keep an eye out for it becaus it’s a sight).

Gotta give a B I G shoutout to Mrs. Powell for hosting us as we waited out the rain. Our deepest apologies for raiding the Powell kitchen. We are eternally grateful for all the food you had for us and the lovely couch. Much needed relaxation and napping :)

King Phil made the ultimate decision that we’d bike the rest of the way from Homer Glen to the Niewiara household where we are staying for the night. An easy 25 miles… smooth sailing except a little stressful handling the traffic. Nothing we aren’t trained for though!

Another B I G shoutout to the Niewiara fam because they supplied us with an amazing polish dinner and dessert which was delicioso!!

Side note: they have a deck on top of their garage and it is goals I tell ya. Definitely taking notes for when I build my dream home

Tomorrow is the day!! We will depart Elmhurst and head into Chicago, IL.

The toddlin’ town and my family awaits!

Gotta blast.


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  • Mary Richter says:

    Way to go!! I am Alex Timmons’ Aunt — tell her hello! (I’m texting her today also.) awesome job on the blog–keep it up! How can I get the route and approx time for her ride today and up to Madison?? Our family would love to shout out from the sidelines, at the least!


    Aunt Mary, Uncle George, Jessie and Tom

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