Day 20: Bourbonnais for days

Everyone spent day 19 getting some much needed rest and relax time with family and friends in Champaign. Some of us were lucky enough to have family or friends ride along with us today for the first 20 miles to get a taste of I4K. The team then rode almost 88 miles (originally supposed to be 83) due to construction and rerouting..It was a relatively short day nonetheless. Other than the obstacle of the heat most groups found today to be an easy day. It was a hot one though, with very little breeze (which we all were happy about because headwinds are NOT THE MOVE!!) Some of us suffered from feeling dehydrated or sluggish today because it was one of those days where no amount of water kept you feeling hydrated for long! We all made it through and rolled into the stayover in good time. Seems that the rest day paid off after all!

Today the ride was dedicated to chancellor Jones’ mother who passed away from cancer. We were unable to dedicate the ride to her earlier as he just revealed the other day that Day 18 would have been her birthday. I would also like to thank our amazing stayover in Bourbonnais, Adventure Christian Church for hosting us! This has been one of the coolest stayovers, with arcade games and an indoor soccer field.I would like to also thank Jim Moore from the University of Illinois foundation for giving us goodie bags packed with electrolytes and protein bars. This was exactly what was needed on a day like today!


Flat count: 0
Song of the day: It’s getting hot in here
Memorable moment: Stopping at a rootbeer place that was in Bourbonnais. It was just the pick me up we needed to finish the day

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