Day 20

Hello world!

Back on the saddle again, huh.

Today we knocked out 84 miles (which turned into 87 ish because of detours and getting lost per usual). It was a scorcher today… biking in 92 degree weather, but with lots of agua and high spirits we made it through.

Alex hooked it up with the local YMCA so we got to shower again! Thanks girlfriendddddd

Also wanna give a quick shoutout to my friends Jess and Katie for hosting A-Aron and I when in Champaign!! Love you guys and shmanks for being grand hosts!

Tomorrow we will go from Kankakee to Elmhurst, IL. We’re looking at about 70 miles. Also rumor has it that the route is on a lot of bike paths, so I’m stoked.

Only 1 day until chi city!!! Can’t wait to be with fam and friends :)


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