Day 18

Hello world!

Day 18, Champaaaaign here we are! It feels good to be back on the ol’ stomping grounds.

I went into the day hoping to go slow as molasses but then was notified as we were rolling out that the Vice Chancellor would be in our group for the day. That meant we were goin fast, so today was nothing close to recovery after yesterday’s speedy day. The ride was very enjoyable, especially because we supergrouped for most of the ride, biking with 9 people as a group (safely don’t worry).

Anyway, we survived and hammered it out!! The last 3 miles were completed with a police escort to Beckman Insititute where the team was given a warm welcome to campus.

Tomorrow marks our second rest day of the ride and I am way too excited to do nothing except rest. Maybe go to the pool!

It’s been nice to see familiar faces from school and catch up with good friends that I haven’t seen for a while now.

Life is good y’all.


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