Day 17 : Rockville really ROCKS!!

Today the team road 66 miles from Indianapolis to Rockville, Indiana. It was a less windy day as apposed to yesterday but the ride was not as conversational as hoped. Instead of the backroads that we have primarily been riding on, we were on a fairly busy roads with many semi trucks (honk, honk). The weather was beautiful and sunny as well which made for a pleasant day for riding!

Today our ride was dedicated to Matt’s grandfather who passed away from brain cancer. I would like to thank Randy from the First United Methodist church for hosting our team for the 11th year! They have been the warmest welcome yet! We gota delicious meal provided by the sweetest women from the church. We even got to meet Dorothy, the singing and dancing 90 year old who is famous from past teams! Our team even got to go swimming, which was a refreshing change from biking and helped to work out our sore muscles! The hosts went above and beyond to make our free time amazing and we are so thankful! Also a special shoutout to Rebecca (2017 rider) for driving the van for us today and tomorrow and for providing delicious snacks!

Tomorrow we arrive in Champaign and I know it will be surreal riding back through campus!


Flat count: 1
Song of the day: just keep swimming -Dori
Memorable moment: Having a blast at the pool! Relaxing, playing basketball and chicken fights made for a fun time

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