Day 17

Hello world!

Day 17 was something else.

My group had the honor of riding with Jim, the President of U of I Foundation. We thought we had an easy day ahead of us by having him in our group but oh gosh we’re we wrong!!

That man is unbelievable. An absolute tank. We averaged about 18 mph the entire 67 miles. My legs were screaming but hey it’s all good. Jim is a very cool dude and I’m grateful to have ridden with a celebrity at U of I! Our speedy group, arrived first to the stayover and ohhhh dang, this place is top of the line!!!

Big special shoutout to Rockville because this stayover is straight fire!! We were able to go relax and swim at a parishioners pool, were given an amazing feat at dinner(and breakfast tomorrow morning), andddd given “lovebags” with a bunch of treats, my fav being trail mix

The night ended with a nice episode of none other than Veggie Tales!! Brought back some good memories.

Tomorrow we will bike 78 miles, officially making it to Champaign, IL!!!

Let’s groove.


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