Day 16: WINDianapolis

Today the team rode 71 miles from Richmond to Indianapolis, Indiana. One word to describe today, WINDY! Those who call Chicago the windy city obviously haven’t seen Indiana. We had 20 mph alternating cross winds and headwinds for the entirety of the ride, oh what fun!! In my personal opinion wind is the worst poison because no matter how hard you try you can not go faster and the resistance is enough to leave you winded. Although we bikes through a literal wind tunnel the day was still great! The route was relatively flat. We also had rest stops at good gas stations and our final rest stop at Dairy Queen which was incredible. This gave us the energy and positive vibes to finish the last 12 miles which were nuts! When I said Ohio was the pothole capital I had not been through parts of Indy. Holy cow there was not one smooth portion of road for the last 12 miles.

Today the ride was dedicated to Maggie’s grandpa who has pancreatic cancer. I would also like to thank Tabernacle Presbyterian for hosting our team tonight in your beautiful church. We also got a delicious meal provided by an active alumni named. Tomorrow we have the pleasure of riding with the chancellor and president of the University of Illinois foundation. We will be riding with them until we arrive back in Champaign.


Flat count: 1
Song of the day: Blown Away -Carrie Underwood
Memorable moment: We all wore out jerseys backwards as part of the mosher activity

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