Day 16

Hello world!

Day 16… el fin.

Today was a straight up battle between wind and I4K. I4K came out with the W by the skin of our teeth.

You don’t appreciate the rolling hills of New York (and Ohio I guess) until you’re in Indiana fighting wind like no other. It’s okay though because we made it to Indianapolis in one piece, so all is well.

Today I played the most intense game of fooseball ever. The dynamic duo of Justin and Maggie came through and won the championship!

Ya gotta take pride in the little things my friends!

Tomorrow we will be biking from Indianapolis to Rockville, IN. Also, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of U of I will be biking with us, so that’s pretty neato!!

That’s all I’ve got for ya today.



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  • Tony Piazzi says:

    Great to read your update. Just arrived in chi-town. Heard you are coming through here soon

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