Day 15

Hello world!

Day 15 was a doozie. 105.6 miles logged today. My first century bike ride ever!!!

Today was loads of fun. My group was very spontaneous, just how I like it. We saw probably 35 garage/yard sales and decided to stop at one of them. Although I was tempted to buy the old 45s I saw, I had to resist because you can only hold so much on the bike.

We took another fun stop at the legendary Waffle House! I don’t know why people throw so much shade at it because the food is yum and the price is just right.

Kind of crazy to think that our little legs got us from New York City all the way to Indiana… so strange but so cool!

As my group rolled out of the second to last rest stop, I told them that I wouldn’t have made it all the way/wanted to have done my first century with a different group of people. That’s facts right there.

Power to the Fab Five (@Hitarth @Kathy @Caroline @A-Aron)


PS – Call today a W because my water bottles never fell out!!! Baby steps!

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