Day 14

Hello world!

Day 14… we were cruisin!

We knocked out almost all of the hills after the first rest stop around mile 22 so that was a plus. The ride was smooth sailing for the most part, except the last few miles but who’s really counting??

Today I saved a banana from breakfast and made a pb & banana sandwich for lunch which was the Sidebar: I4K has opened me up to crunchy peanut butter and I dig it

We had a little bit of time to meander throughout Columbus before dinner and somehow made our way into Northland High School graduation!!! In all honesty, I expected more out of the valedictorian speech… hers was pretty weak.

On another note… tomorrow. Oh boy. A whopping 105 miles will take us from Columbus, OH to Richmond, IN ! Should be quite an experience.

As the Principal of Northland High School says, Aspire. Achieve. Adapt. Hopefully I will be doing all of that tomorrow.

Pray for me.


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