Day 9

Hello world!

Top of the mornin to you all. Yesterday was a very good day. My group and I took our time on the ride, spontaneously stopping at a cider mill for cider slushies, a drive in restaurant that had “the best root beer east of the Mississippi”, stopping to take pictures by cool buildings, and stopping at the iconic Sheetz gas station.

We enjoyed the views as we passed 2 state lines, Pennsylvania and Ohio! Today we take on a 50 mile ride and then we will arrive in Cleveland, OH for our first official rest day (praise the lord).

We had just under 20 miles to go when we heard that showers closed at 5:00, so we had to book it to the stayover. Averaging a solid 18 mph on our way back, we made it with 20 minutes to spare and we’re blessed with showers woot woot!!

Cool beans.


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  • Kathryn Ann Rickey says:


    You go girl! I am feeling so proud of you on this incredible ride. I rode 109 this past week and felt accomplished. You are amazing. How is the sunrash doing?

    Keep it up,

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