Day 5

Hello world!

Day 5… another day down woot woot

Not much to say about the bike ride today other than the fact that we saw a dog on a roof and had a nice picnic in a park for lunch :)

Weather was nice except I think ya girl might have sun poisoning :( not exactly sure how that happened because I put on loads of sunscreen, but I’ll be wearing pants on the bike for a while now !

We were spoiled yet again tonight with our extremely generous hosts in the cute town of Palmyra, NY. We were warmly welcomed with I4K signs with all of our names on it which was sweet. They also cooked us a feast which was delish

When John (pastor of the church) picked us up from showering at the high school, he took us on a detour to Joseph Smith’s original house. Fun fact, Palmyra is known as “the Mecca for Mormons”… pretty interesting to see

We will be biking from Palmyra to Rochester, NY and we are feeling #blessed because it’s only a 23 mike ride!!

Until tomorrow.


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