Day 4

Hello world!

Day 4 is done-zo!

You’d be surprised at the things you find on the side of the road while on a bike. Today I found 2 parts to a Kirby vacuum about 5 miles away from one another… not sure the story behind that one.

Nothing really exciting happened today on the bike but my buns are hurtin… hopefully that situation improves. Also we keep getting a mix of good and rainy weather but it’d be nice to have the good weather stay a while and hang… much appreciated.

From Day 1 of biking to Day 4, we have gone from rags to riches. On day 1 I took a “shower” in the sink and ate 2 slices of cheese pizza that was donated today. Today, I had a nice hot shower, sauna and a home cooked meal by 5 cute old ladies.

Tomorrow we go from Syracuse to Palmyra, NY. About 67 miles. Hopefully won’t be too hard!



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  • Momma P says:

    So proud of all the riders and love to read about how it’s going. We are with you in spirit and grateful to here of the wonderful people who are being so kind and showering love and care on you all. Ride on and strong!!!!!

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