Day 13

Hello world!

Another day, another 80 miles down. Today was a good day but a constant battle with the heat, rolling hills, and climbing big hills.

I gotta say, Ohio is an underrated state! The landscapes are so pretty here. It reminds me a lot of driving through Ireland… good vibes all around.

It’is the 11th year that Westwood Baptist Church has hosted the Illini 4000 and there is a reason this is known to be one of the top stayovers…

Tickle me pink folks because listen to this… we have been given cots for the night, Chipotle catering for dinner and… MADE TO ORDER OMELETTES FOR BREAKFAST!!!!

I am one happy camper.

We’re lookin at a 57 miles tomorrow to go from Zanesville to Columbus, OH with a bit of climbing to do.

Stay peachy.


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  • Robin Rodriguez says:


    No one knows how beautiful Ohio really is. I’m so glad you could enjoy a piece of it. Have fun in Columbus, O H I O !!
    My blessing for a safe and wonderful journey.
    GO GIRL!!
    Luv ya, Robin

    ps: gets some gold bond powder.

  • Maggie Piazzi Maggie Piazzi says:

    Love you Robin!!! Ohio is sweet!

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