Day 12

Hello world!

Day 12… check that off the list!

Today was a long day with a series of events… some fortunate and some unfortunate.

We rode on the gravel trail through Cuyahoga National Park for a while which was super pretty! Unfortunately, after hitting a bump on a bridge, my water bottle flew out of my bottle rocket cages and rolled into a nasty river. Thanks to my homie Ryan, he fished it out with a stick and the bottle was resurrected!

By mile 18, our dear friend Caroline was blessed with a flat and broken spoke on the trail. We proceeded to walk a mile to meet the van up a gravel hill to get out of the park… some tough stuff to start out an 80 mile day I’d say but we made sure to laugh about it and pretend we weren’t struggling as much as we were.

Don’t fret though, it got better as we had lunch supplied by our Man T-Roy Selzer. The fresh fruit really hit the spot and our group the extra boost to push through the last 30 miles. Thanks T-Roy!

For the last 15 miles, we biked through rain. It was pretty refreshing after being outside in the heat and humidity, so thanks for cooling us off Mother Nature. You are a saint sometimes!

Tomorrow we will log another 80 miles going from Wooster to Zanesville, OH. Should be an interesting day!

Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.


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