Day 10

Hello world!

Today was a toughy… lemme tell ya, whoever said that the state of Ohio is flat is a straight up liar. I would also recommend Ohio increasing their taxes because their roads are kinda absolute garbage and no fun to bike on. 1000 too many potholes for a biker’s liking.

We climbed 2300 feet today and it was a hot tamale. Despite the heat, we had a couple encounters with some very generous people! First we met a guy named Gary who owns part of Route 6 and decided to buy us pancakes at the town’s Memorial Day pancake breakfast. Then, we had ice supplied to us by The Cleveland Illini Club which was so nice of them! We were livin large today.

Tomorrow we have a rider event at the Hope Lodge in Cleveland followed by our first official rest day!! The plan is to go to the infamous Rock n Roll hall of fame so stay tuned … ha ha ha get it??

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!!


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  • Kay Yates says:

    Hi, I have loved hearing every day of your adventure. Keep up the great work and you are in my prayers daily. I wonder if you will ever want to go for a bike ride with me after such an accomplishing feat?? Stay safe and I will be looking forward to hearing all about it. Thanks for the sharing.
    I send my love.

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