Day 75/76: SAN FRAN!!

Last two days of riding. Since I will not have access to a computer after tonight I thought I would do the final post all in one. Today’s ride was harder than expected and there were many uphill climbs and winding downhills, totaling 4,000 uphill and 3,500 downhill. We finally got out got out of the valley and had pleasant 70 degree weather today. We passed through part of Napa Valley on our ride and saw miles of vineyards. There was an ultimate rule number 1 uphill climb at the final stretch on Cherry road and every group decided to challenge themselves to the 18% grade uphill instead of the reroute…Although not everyone was able to make up all the way up (me).

This evening we took our final shuttle to showers at a local pool as a team and managed to fit 26 of us in Uncle Rico (the van).

Tomorrow is our last day of I4k and I expect it to be very emotional but exciting. We have built up the image of us crossing the Golden Gate bridge a lot and we have planned who we will be riding with on the last day for a while. It feels very surreal that we are finally accomplishing our ultimate goal and we will officially be able to call ourselves cross country cyclists.

This summer has been a whirlwind to say the least! It has been the most challenging yet rewarding period in my whole 22 years of life. Although these days have been extremely tough, it has taught me how to push myself, while at the same time knowing my limits and allowing myself to take a break when I need one. It has forced me to be patient while also giving me a lesson in group dynamics and learning how to put others before myself. It’s hard to put in words exactly how impactful this summer has been for me and I don’t think I will fully grasp its gravity until I am actually done with this trip but overall I can say that it was more fun than hardship and my 26 teammates are the reason for that, I encountered more good kind generous people than mean spirited drivers flipping us off, and this country is damn beautiful and we didn’t even scratch the surface.

To recap the summer, I thought I would a give a highlight reel in the form of some of our favorite inside jokes. Enjoy


  1. Mackenzie showing up to Champaign instead of Union Station
  2. Leaving Neeca at the DeBlasio campaign
  3. “Ehhhhh” (with tongue out) -Julissa
  4. “You’re sagging” – Dan
  5. “Is the van unlocked” “Where are the van keys”
  6. Every city is the Big Apple
  7. TBV- Total Bone Volume
  8. Is a hot dog a sandwich?
  9. David being extra

10.  Soy Boys

11.  Adding ‘boy’ to the end of as many words as possible

12.  Calling out cues while not riding

13.  Debating which utensil is the best for the PBJ

14.  Someone is always farting

15.  Roasting people always (mostly Arturo)

16.  “Mmmm”, “Ahhhmazing”, “Disasterrrr” – Kevin

17.  “It’s happening”!

18.  “Ah, my nickname in high school”

19.  “Pretty cool” – Tyler

20.  “Right?” – Zach

21.  Maryland is now Delaware 2

22.  Nodus not backing down from any challenge

23.  Somehow making everything a challenge

24.  Lil T storm

25.  Operation T storm

26.  Roasting the boys

27.  Analisa’s rendition of 6 foot 7 foot

28.  Communal showers

29.  Dan being vegan

30.  David saying “uhhhh” before anything

31.  “Dirtiest thing you would do for a Gatorade”

32.  “I gotta question for ya”- Dan and Kevin

33.  Boom Boom eating absolutely anything

34.  Mason having terrible taste in music

35.  Mason’s rollout song

36.  “Borked”

37.  Team rankings, the van driver is the supreme leader and the mechanic is the lowliest

38.  Hot Takes

39.  Analisa’s shirt is always unzipped

40.  The snoring tent

41.  The cuddle puddle

42.  The shaggy dog story

43.  “Uhhh mechanic, my bikes making a weird noise” *walk away

44.  Slow boy

45.  “I’m the fastest girl on the team” –Alia

46.  Dylan being the most attractive boy on the team

47.  Kevin’s bleached eyebrows

48.  “Pretty straightforward today”

49.  Tyler is being grumpy

50.  “Take your time” –Nick Su

51.  Lil T is Pierre Tont

52.  “What a great day” – Mack

53.  Neeca dropping the weapon

54.  Me winning the hunger games

55.  Chef Austin

56.  Quitting the team

57.  Spongebob references

58.  Tina Su thinking farting is hilarious

59.  Pixar movie rankings splitting the team

60.  Hating Rapid City

61.  Quarter mile condurum

62.  “Tunac Tunac”

63.  “Ride faster” – Tyler

64.  “My dad has a gun”

65.  David never being at the circle on time

Thanks for being awesome 2017. Even though we were last place when it came to timelieness, you’re all number 1 in my heart.

Thanks for keeping up with us all summer.

Stay golden San Francisco.



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  • Monica Levy says:

    How amazing for all of you to have only 1 day left! Not only are we proud of Tyler but all the riders for making it through such a tough journey for such a great cause! Enjoy the ride over The Golden Gate Bridge!

  • Monica Levy says:

    Also, Maggie thanks again for the wonderful blogs which kept us informed so well!

  • Mamma Benson says:

    26 in Uncle Rico!

  • Mamma Benson says:

    Will there be an update to the 2017 Fundraising Total soon?
    I know you had to gather more support as you crossed the country.

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