Wyoming and Montana Were Pretty Cool

Every day in Wyoming and Montana were a treat. We got to climb through the Grand Tetons, ride through Yellowstone, multiple national forests, and got to see some all around great views along the way. Everywhere we go now is completely surrounded by mountains and I love it. Some of my favorite sights were in Montana as we just watched the forest covered mountains roll by. My personal favorite ride so far on the trip has been the Wind River Canyon leaving Thermopolis, WY. We followed a modestly sized river at the bottom of a large, forested and rocky canyon for 20 miles. Even though it lived up to its name and it was indeed very windy, I was smiling ear to ear as we slowly made our way through that breathtaking canyon.

Once we left Montana though the days have been rough. Shoulders have been pretty much non-existent, roads are pretty bumpy and crowded as well. Especially route 12. Fun Fact: Rand road sucks in Illinois and it sucks in Idaho too. I’m very glad to be out of that state.

Even though Idaho and Washington were pretty awful, things appear to be looking up in Oregon. The ride into Hood River, OR today was spectacular with good views all around. We ride into Portland tomorrow and I hear Voodoo Doughnuts has some of the best in the country. I’m excited to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there.

Phil “Doughnuts will make you go nuts” Kagebein

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