South Dakota Was Pretty Terrible

From the moment we crossed into South Dakota, until Pierre, there was nothing but flat grassland and cows as far as you could see. At least in Illinois there is some corn or trees to look at. Not in South Dakota. Since there is nothing but flat, barren land, the winds are insane. Thankfully the wind was blowing straight into our faces most days, this helped make days seem really short and easy. I promise.

On top of this, you also get bombarded by advertisements for a place called Wall Drug. The first one started at abut 386 miles out, and they persist with increasing frequency until you arrive to Wall, SD. You get to see these billboards every mile/ half mile once you get with 20 minutes of Wall. It’s pretty annoying. But, because this store has been hyped up so much, you have to go inside and check it out. One of these signs advertised homemade donuts, so I of course tried one. It was good, but not worth the two dollars I paid. Then I bought some mint ice cream. I paid $3.50 for the wimpiest single scoop cone I had ever seen. Plus it was without a doubt the worst mint ice cream I have ever had. The rest of the store is also filled with other useless, over priced knick-knacks. Wall Drug was a bigger let down than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Don’r get me wrong though, South Dakota had some good parts. Actually two good parts. The Badlands and the Black Hills were gorgeous. But those did not make up for everything else in that state.

I’m glad to be in Wyoming now.

Phil “My Mustache Drinks More Than I Do” Kagebein

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  • Christina Camilleri says:

    I’m the lady that took your photo in the Blair’s parking lot in Worland, Wyoming. I hope you get to soak in the hot springs tonight. You guys are awesome! Be safe.

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