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Hey there everyone. Most of you probably know me as ‘frontpage’ or my adopted blog farewell of ‘MB’. I wanted to share with you all a cartoon series that my sister did while she was in high school of my dad’s cross country bike trip. During a summer in college my dad and uncle rode their bikes from Boston to San Francisco.Unlike us, they did not have a support vehicle and camped every night. It’s funny now that we are doing such a similar ride to my dad’s. Never really saw myself as the cross country bike type but here I am.





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  • Paul Benson says:

    My favorite part of ride in 1984 was the western states especially Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and Crater Lake National Park. I would love to be able to visit all those places again. The best way to see all those places is on a bike. Congrats to all Illini 4000 riders on a trip you will treasure.

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