Day 70: I4Khristmas

Rest day in Klamath Falls! Many of us started the morning with the I4klassic of the Daily Bagel, a local breakfast joint that serves, you guessed it, bagels. They were the best we have had so far, sorry Missoula. Luckily for us the Yeti’s Lair is conveniently located right near the main street and we were able to make a lot of stops today including: the farmers market, some thrift shopping for last minute Christmas gifts, the riverfront park, and the frozen yogurt shop. Once again Mike and his wife spoiled us with a pasta and salad dinner on the sidewalk outside the gym.

This week we will be graced with a celebrity driver, I4k’s very own, Jeff Bogue. Where does this leave van driver rankings, the world may never know.

After dinner we had our last (of about 3) team meetings where we talked end of ride logistics and sadly began to accept that this trip will actually end. After dinner we exchanged Christmas gifts around a computer generated fire and Christmas music courtesy of self-appointed DJ, Mason. Some notable gifts included *possible * anal beads, a used glove, an old hat, a pinecone, a whistle, and a jacket sanitized with a ton of Lysol. After the gifts David finally popped the question (prom) to Madeline with a drawn out magic trick involving making toilet paper disappear into a cell phone. He got a standing ovation by the rest of the team as he finished.

So many mixed emotions about the final stretch of the trip. Slightly worried about California’s terrain where in the words of Kevin “everything wants to kill you”.

David’s always right.



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  • Charles Su says:

    Merry I4Khristmas! Listen to Kevin and be extra careful while riding during the last week of this wonderful journey.

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