Day 68/69: Crater Lake

We made it to Crater Lake! After climbing about 4,000 feet we saw the deepest lake in the US. It was the bluest and most pristine body of water I have ever seen. This particular National Park might have been my favorite just because it was not overcrowded with tourists like the other parks we visited on this trip. It was nice because during our multi hour rest stop at the top we were pretty much the only ones around, and the only activity taking place on the water was a singular boat riding to the island in the middle of the lake (that is actually another volcano forming).

After our extended rest stop we had to be shuttled to the top of the mountain because the roads and construction made for a dangerous combination for bikers. At the lodge at the top we ran into some PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) hikers looking like they had been through a long journey. (Next adventure?) As we rode down 1000 feet to our campsite the noticeable chill at the top of the mountain got warmer and we were able to take off our jackets.

This morning we rolled out pretty much on time (7:30) and made it to Klamath Falls at around 1:00. We will be staying in the Yeti’s Lair, the famous i4k rock climbing gym stayover. Mike the owner had been hosting the team for a few years and was nice enough to wip up some burgers and allow us a running tab at Dutch Brothers coffee shop. After dinner Mike belay certified myself, Nick Nodus, and Mack and we belayed and rock climbed the rest of the night.

Anyone wanna be belayed?



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