Day 58: Riding Easy

Today Mackenzie dedicated the ride to Sharon McRoy, a relative who passed away from triple negative breast cancer on October 30 2013.

We started our day on a somber note this morning and reflected on our dwindling time together. For the Mosher, we took turns talking about our favorite memory with Jessica, who functions as both the team clown and confidant.  Although the team oftentimes jokes that “it’s happening”, meaning that we are hitting our breaking point where we erupt in chaos and fighting, we have been pretty lucky in terms of team dynamics, injuries, and weather. Overall this ride has been ideal conditions and it has made this experience pretty sweet. For our last three weeks, I think we all want to make the most of it.

Today was our last stop in Idaho, but the views today did not disappoint. We continued on highway 12 along the Lochsa river in between a valley of pine hills.  We spotted many lumber trucks chugging alongside us on the highway carrying wood to the factory in Lewiston.

Although 66 miles would make us sore for days during our training period while we were still in school, today seemed like a breeze. We are spending the night in Lewiston, which borders nearby Clarkston. According to Wikipedia Lewiston is, “At the future townsite they encountered settlements of the native Nez Perce. Lewis and Clark passed through the valley on the return trip from the Pacific in 1806 also.” We also learned that the region was once inhabited by the Nez Perce Indian tribe, the group that helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition and provided them with horses that very likely helped them survive their journey.

We arrived at around 2 PM at the First United Methodist Church where we were served a lasagna and spaghetti dinner with kale salad. After dinner we gave a presentation about our organization. Later in the evening I was lucky enough to get a prom-posal from Mackenzie. In my opinion his rap with backup dancer Dylan, Logan and Zach clad in black getups was the best one yet. Although prom was originally planned for tomorrow, our only day in Washington, we have decided to postpone it until we have a full team together once again.

Washington, here we come



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