Day 52: It’s Possible to be Full?

We rode 81 miles from Ennis to Butte today. Once again the west has blessed us with amazing mountain views today we even spotted many sunflowers dotting the sides of the road. Shout out to the 2014 team for the donations of poptarts, cosmic brownies, and cheese balls. They have significantly improved meals for the past two days. The air out west is just plain better and it feels so good to breathe in the unpolluted pine-smelling breeze. At the end of the 80 miles we had 8 miles of uphill climbing followed by 5 miles of downhill. Although it seemed daunting, it was actually not that hard and many of us surprised ourselves at the ease by which our legs were able to carry us up all the elevation.

Kevin and Lil T (Colin T) were able to finesse and get enough pizza donations for every team member to have exactly 5/8 of a pizza, which somehow came out to 6 slices of pizza each. We have all vowed to be “the cool rich alums who donate name brand cereal to future teams” so watch out all you future riders.

We are spending the night at a nice YMCA in Butte and because the gym opens at 6, we have a 5 AM wake up call.

I guess mountain climbing isn’t that hard



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