Day 46: A Hot Boy

To cap off the fourth of July last night some of us watched fireworks blasted off the top of a tall canyon yesterday. While out to get ice cream for the second time that day we heard that the fire department was watching the festivities closely, and we watched them put out a small fire on top of the canyon.

Today was another hot boy (I4k speak 101:we use ‘boy’ to refer to nouns)with temperatures around 96 degrees by lunch without shade. Luckily we only had 55 miles from Thermopolis to Riverton. For Wyoming, Riverton is a pretty decently sized town of 10,000 people. The views today were canyons and deserty hills. Since it was such a short day most of us took a long nap once we got to the church or showered at the high school.

Mountains are again visible in the distance and after tomorrow we will be able to enjoy yet another rest day. However this time it will be in the Grand Tetons! We are all excited to be able to camp again.

For some reason I am missing colder weather


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