Day 40: Rapid City Rest Day

Rest day in Rapid City. Since we are staying at the local YMCA we had to be out in the morning by 7 AM and could not come back until 8 at night, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves for the whole day. Most of the team went out for breakfast to treat ourselves to pancakes, omelets, and French toast. After breakfast we ended up splitting into smaller and smaller groups as we walked around the two blocks that made up the main area in Rapid City. Since the town was so small most of us made our way to just about every store there was. Other activities included seeing a movie, walking around to vintage stores, going out to lunch, and spending time at the street fair with live music.

While browsing through a bookstore Schuchen and I encountered a book called Haunted Hotels of the West. We noticed that one of the haunted hotels, The Alex Johnson, happened to be two blocks away from us. We walked up to the guest counter to find a journal where guests left stories of haunted happenings. For example, a flight attendant reported getting a voiceless phone call in the middle of the night and hearing children’s voices from the corner of the room. The 8th floor was also supposedly haunted because a young bride had committed suicide by throwing herself from room 812 back in the day. To investigate this we snuck past hotel security and took the elevator to that very room. We did hear a strange faint noise as we stood in front of the room…

Overall a nice day



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