Day 35: Wind and Pheasants, That’s What South Dakota Does

Dylan dedicated the ride to his uncle David (dad’s brother) that passed away from bladder cancer 5 years ago.

Another day of heavy headwinds. Luckily we had a shorter ride today of only 45 miles. To treat ourselves as we pulled into Miller, a few teams treated themselves to broasted chicken and ice cream at the local hot spot. After arriving at the United Methodist Church, pretty much everyone took a nap. Later on we gave a presentation about our organization to some church members and then indulged in a feast of a plethora of salads and some fresh burgers and a top notch dessert table.

One thing that I noticed about South Dakota is that there seems to be a subtle obsession with pheasants, as both of the past two towns we have stayed at have had pheasants on their town sign, with Redfield claiming to be “the pheasant capital of the world”. For some reason I question this…

We were informed by a congregation member that “The west begins in Miller” so it is official. We OUT HERE! So far South Dakota has been treating us pretty well (except for the headwind) and the people we have interacted with have been very gracious and welcoming.

The weather channel app informs us that the headwinds will be slowing down tomorrow as we roll into the capital city of Pierre.

Haven’t seen a single pheasant



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